Mummy Clip

Mummy Clip


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The Goldbug Mummy Clip is the ultimate accessories for Mums and Dads when out and about with Kids. Just clip over your Pram or Shopping trolley handle. Then add on your handbag, nappy-bag shopping or grocery bags or anything else you would usually carry.

Now your hands are completely free! The Mummy Clip can also be used as a carrier for general parcels or shopping bags. The foam grip is comfortable to hold and avoids straining your hands.

  • Make shopping easy
  • Handy and convenient
  • Makes travelling and shopping easy
  • Holds shopping bags and hand bags
  • Leaves your hands free to shop
  • Fits a variety of different strollers handles
  • Perfect for shopping trolleys
  • Snaps onto anything with ease
  • Made from durable and heavy duty aluminium
  • Built to last