Suckle Feeder - 260ml

Suckle Feeder - 260ml


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Suckle Feeder Now your baby can suckle actively just like natural feeding and won't have to learn a different way to feed!

The Haberman Suckle Feeder is designed for paced feeding, to complement breastfeeding and to provide a better alternative for those who bottle-feed.

The Suckle Feeder is recommended by lactation consultants.

  • Encourages and prolongs breastfeeding
  • Supports responsive, baby-led feeding and natural pausing
  • Reduces gas, colic and reflux
  • Eliminates guzzling and overfeeding for better weight control
  • Encourages active peristaltic suckling action, to stimulate the respiratory system, increase oxygen supply and help develop the oral cavity for better speech development
  • Enables nutritive and non-nutritive suckling
  • Makes feeding in an upright position possible