Absorbent Sandy's Liner
Absorbent Sandy's Liner
Absorbent Sandy's Liner
Absorbent Sandy's Liner

Absorbent Sandy's Liner


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The soft Mother-ease Sandy's Absorbent Liners provide excellent additional absorbency to any cloth nappy. These super absorbent liners simply lay inside the Sandy's, Toddle-ease, Original All in One, and Wizard Duo nappies to provide extra absorbency for naps and night time.

Available in several fabric options including white and unbleached cotton, bamboo terry, 100% organic cotton, and our stay dry sewn on top of the unbleached cotton.

Sandy's absorbent liners can be placed in any of Sandy's fitted diapers and Mother-ease All-in-One Diapers whenever you need extra absorbency. These liners hold an extra 6-7 ounces. They are great for overnight!

These liners add extra protection to your little one. Great for bedwetter's and toddlers in toilet training! Super soft liner's that pop into your child's nappy and provide extra comfort and extra absorbency.

  • Designed specifically for the Mother-ease Sandys Fitted nappy
  • Simply lays inside the nappy for extra absorbency
  • Increases night time and nap time absorbency
  • Provides excellent absorbency to any nappy
  • Typically fits inside the Mother-ease Sandys Nappy, Toddle-ease Nappy, All in One and Wizard Duo Nappies
  • Available in several fabric options; Bamboo, Unbleached, Organic, Stay Dry and White
  • Stay dry fabric is sewn on top of the Unbleached Cotton
  • Comes in two different size options to fit the nappy required
  • Provides extra comfort for your little one

Size Guide:

  • Small: 5 x 12 (Fits all nappies) Absorbency 6 0z. / 0.17kg
  • Large: 5.5 x 14 (Fits Large nappies and Toddle-ease) Absorbency 7 oz. / 0.20kg
  • The Small liner fits in all nappies and the Large fits the Large Sandy's, Toddle-ease or All in One nappies.