Bath Puzzle

Bath Puzzle


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Sophie la girafe Bath Puzzle will provide lots of bath time fun and activity for little ones. The puzzle features a multi-part base shape, which can be fitted together. Once done, Sophie la girafe and her friends, a penguin, a whale, a snail, a bear and a ladybird, can be fitted on to the different shapes.

All parts of the Puzzle float on water, making bath time even more fun, and the funny character even spray water when their tummies a pressed!

Designed with rounded shapes to make it easier for little ones to grip and manipulate, the Sophie la girafe Bath Puzzle is perfect for developing baby’s motor skills, concentration and logic.

  • Shapes fit together to become a toy set for baby to play with.
  • Sophie the Giraffe and all her friends - a penguin, a whale, a snail, a bear and a ladybird.
  • Characters and shapes float on water, making baby's bath time even more fun!
  • Spray out water by pressing their bodies
  • Rounded shape makes them easier to grip.

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