The Miracle Box - Prenatal, Labour & Post Labour Exercise Ball  - 65cm

The Miracle Box - Prenatal, Labour & Post Labour Exercise Ball - 65cm


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The Miracle Box- Prenatal, Labour & Postnatal Exercise Ball Package is a both an exercise and birthing ball package for mum to be and new mum. It contains everything you need to keep fit and active throughout your pregnancy and post labour and will even help you through your labour.

The Miracle Box is your route to an easier pregnancy, a shorter labour, and a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy body or better!

  • Your Miracle Box contains: One quality anti-burst birthing/exercise ball, and pump, (colours may vary.)
  • 3 exercise wall-charts, including pregnancy and post natal exercises with baby!
  • Suitable for height 5’ 6” & over
  • The balls are anti burst, they are thicker than normal exercise balls and it does state depending on the room temperature, this may need to be inflated over a few days whilst the rubber warms up and stretches.
  • The ball needs to be inflated fully in order for it to reach its full size of 65 cms.
  • High quality anti-burst non-slip exercise/ birthing ball.
  • Advanced toning exercises in a simple to read format.
  • A dual action pump for quick and easy inflation.
  • A simple guide to pelvic floor and core exercises.