Size 2 Nappies - 31 pack

Size 2 Nappies - 31 pack


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TIDOO disposable nappies are environmentally-friendly, effective and made in France.

The raw materials are certified and 50% renewable 100% chlorine free, perfume free and latex-free. The main raw materials (wood pulp and celluse) come from 100% renewable forests

  • Tidoo size 1 nappies are for children from 3 - 6kg
  • Designed with materials to prevent skin irritation and redness
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-leakage
  • Convenient and very easy to use
  • Two leakage barriers, providing additional overall reinforcement.
  • Elasticated on both sides.
  • External micro-perforated covering is kind to baby's skin - breathable without the risk of leaks.
  • Two expandable ultra-adhesive Velcro fasteners can easily be positioned and repositioned.
  • Tidoo is not only good for babies' bottoms, but also for the environment.

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